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Client Showcase

Apple Montessori SchoolsApple Montessori Schools

Sophisticated WordPress site with build in advanced data management application with a diverse logic tree allowing users to go down multiple pathways of the applications based on their personal requirements. The web application is self mangaged by the end user administrators and changes regularly improving on SEO for the company. The site serves as a portal for each of their sattalite locations. The design has been updated to reflect the nature of the market. Several tools have been built on the adminsitrative side allowing the admins to make changes to larger parts of the logic built into the app all by themselves without any programming knowledge.

Keri Cooper Holistic TherapyKeri Cooper Holistic Therapy

As a Holistic Psychotherapist, I firmly believe that an integrated approach to therapy produces better results than using one method alone. I have been working as a psychotherapist since earning my masters degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 2002. In that time, my practice has evolved to focus on helping adolescents and children with issues of anxiety, depression, ADHD, and stress. I also work with college and high school students on implementing coping skills and preparing them to become successful adults.

East Meets WestEast Meets West

If you are one of the many patients frustrated with the usual 5 minute doctor’s visit followed by a script for yet another pill, maybe it’s time for a different approach. At East Meets West Acupuncture your health and well-being is our only priority. April’s experience and knowledge in both eastern and western medicine brings a rare point of view, one that is finely tuned to helping you find unique solutions to your challenging health issues.

Exceptional EnrollmentDiva Closet

The is an advanced data management web application designed to create portal access for the company's clients. Once in the portal a user can securly access their application and make selections based on individual data assigned to them. Rollup of data can be handled on the administrative side by the company or their partners based on permissiosn set by the administrator. This is a massive backend database that handles advanced logic. Apps like these are DMD's wheelhouse.

Diva ClosetDiva Closet

This is a WordPress build we did in combination with Rapunzel Creative. This client will manage your closet when you need storage. They pick it up, store it and bring it back when you are ready. Clothing storage made simple, seamless and sophisticated. See Diva Closet.

Writers Theatre of New JerseyWriters Theatre of New Jersey

This WordPress site demonstrates how powerful these off-the-shelf tools can be. Founded in 1986 as Writers Theatre of New Jersey is a not-for-profit (a501(c) 3), professional theatre and arts education institution with a 30-year history of developing new work and cultivating a creative community.


SITE REBRANDING AND CONTENT RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Mh2 Direct is a multi-service direct marketing firm that provides Data Management, Brokerage, Media Buying, Consulting, Project Management, Digital Solutions, Creative, and Print Services to Fortune 500 companies as well as local and regional organizations alike.

Prajjali: Yoga Anytime, Anywhere.Prajjali: Yoga Anytime, Anywhere.

SITE REBRANDING AND CONTENT RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: The Prajjali Pass is an all-access pass that allows you to take a yoga class at any participating studio, whether you're in your hometown or on the road. We are focused on partnering with the best yoga studios in the area to give you access to a wide variety of studios and various styles of yoga. Our network is currently in New Jersey and New York, but we are expanding all the time.

Friends of Read Wildlife SactuaryThe Friends of Read Wildlife Sanctuary

SITE REBRANDING AND CONTENT RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: The Friends of Read Wildlife Sanctuary, Inc. (FRWS) created in 1990, is a non-profit organization run by volunteers dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the Edith G. Read Wildlife Sanctuary, a Westchester County nature preserve abutting Long Island Sound. FRWS is funded primarily by Membership dues and is open to anyone who wishes to join. The FRWS works to supplement the county’s support of the sanctuary. .

Hype Marketing AgencyHype Marketing Agency

SITE REBRANDING AND CONTENT RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: At Hype Marketing, we get that small business owners don’t have the time and skills to market themselves or the financial resources to retain a big agency. We get that marketing communications is something most owners need, but don’t fully understand. And, we get that it’s hard, if not impossible, to manage the multiple skill sets that comprise a winning marketing program while running a business..

George Street PlayhouseGeorg Street Playhouse Theatre

SITE REBRANDING AND CONTENT RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (CRM): George Street Playhouse is the premier theater group in north jersey. DMD did a complete rebranding design and built a fully customizable content reource management website. Since they have changing shows and classes, their site allows them to securly log in and manage every aspect of every page. No longer are they tied to the developer. GSP has complete control over the content and functionality of their website.

Jack Dolci: The "sweet" art directorJack Dolci: The sweet art director

PERSONAL MARKETING WEBSITE: I’m an art director with a background in studio art. Moving around the country has allowed me to meet and work with great people, and has given me even better stories. The soundtrack to my life is ridiculous. Think Sinatra and 311 mashed with TV theme songs. I’m allergic to chocolate. So yes, you can have my piece of chocolate cake at the office party and my candy on Halloween. 

St. David's Episcopal Church of New Jersey

SITE REBRANDING and MARKETING:Greetings from the Rector. We come in several shapes, colors and sizes, young and old, and live in different sorts of family configurations. Whether liberal or conservative, we look to our Creator who gathers us for worship, to Jesus who transforms our lives and to the Holy Spirit who sends us out into the world to witness to radical love and reconciliation.

Stages Child Day Care and Child Centerstages

NORTH JERSEY'S PREMIER DAY CARE, CHILD CARE, INFANT CARE AND PRE K CENTER for structured learning, discovery, assimilation and socialization. At Stages Child Development Center we aim to provide a child friendly, fun environment, while maintaining a structured learning environment. We strive toward safety. Our staff is committed to helping children express themselves through learning with discovery, assimilation, and socialization. Since it is important for children to communicate with others they will often be set in groups during learning time, project creation, and free play.

Playwrites Theatre NJNJ Arts Tix!

PLAYWRIGHTS THEATRE MAINTAINS ITS COMMITMENT TO SUPPORTING WRITERS FOR THE STAGE. Founded in 1986, Playwrights Theatre is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit professional theatre and arts education institution dedicated to developing and nurturing the dramatic imagination of artists, students, and audiences.

Still River Guitars StillRiverGuitars

Richard Young, a life-long professional woodworker who began making and repairing classical guitars in 1998. His work has been based in Eastford, Connecticut since 2004. Richard provides full luthier services. Contact Richard Young if you are interested in custom classical guitar services or luthier services.


youZingit was founded by two brothers with the idea that ordinary, everyday people should have the opportunity to showcase their ideas while having a better chance at being compensated. How many times have you had a great idea for a product or service only to let it fade away into obscurity or see it be implemented without your involvement? Now, brothers Brian & G. Joseph Taylor have changed that with youZingit. Through the use of co-creation and the power of the internet, youZingit allows its users or “creative consumers” and brands to connect in a way that is mutually beneficial.

Martin's Home for Servicemartins

The goal at Martin's Home for Service is to serve families with as little stress as possible by paying attention to funeral details and sensitively tending to your loved ones with "quality and Dignity". Serving one family at a time, Martins HFS is committed to make your experience as comfortable as possible, to your complete satisfaction.

Josie's Bed and Breakfast - Newport, Rhode Island

NEW SITE BRANDING AND SEO:There is no place like home - except at Josie's. When you stay at Josie Newport Bed and Breakfast you will find a welcoming atmosphere and cozy accommodations. The spacious, immaculate room and open air make you feel relaxed and comfortable -right at home. The dinner deck and open back yard are a treat while you read your morning paper, enjoy the foliage, the fluttering birds and the southeastern sunrise. And every morning enjoy Josie's home cooked breakfast which is really close to having mom's home cooking and dare I say it.. better! (sorry Mom). 


The Rock Brook Consulting Group

SITE REBRANDING AND MARKETING: The Rock Brook Consulting Group provides a comprehensive range of services from preliminary planning to construction administration for a variety of projects, such as green building design, corporate office space, data centers, laboratories, light manufacturing, and high tech facilities for clients within the Corporate, Education, Science & Technology and Specialty Markets.

The ITT Water and Waste Water Division

DATA MANAGEMENT WEB SOLUTION: The solution built for ITT WWW provides a mechanism for their organization to manage, monitor and update every project on their sales roster. All their branch reps, territory managers, corporate supervisors and system admins all have specific and secure login privileges that give them different levels of access to the application. This data management solution lets them run filters to produce relevant data sets that can be exported to excel and emailed to corporate.

Snackertracker - Live a healthy lifestyle

E-COMMERCE and WEB PRODUCT SALES TOOL: SnackerTracker™ is a nutritional tracking system that makes it easy – and fun – for busy parents to make sure their children are eating well-balanced diets, learning how to make healthy nutritional choices and finding great ways for the whole family to become active. This is a full e-commerce solution with a backend administrative tool the allows the customer to edit ever aspect of the sites products, prices, sales, and vendors.

Anserve America - state-of-the-art telephone answering service

SITE REBRANDING and MARKETING: We gave the customer a complete rebranding of their original website along with SEO marketing assistance. Anserve provides state-of-the-art telephone answering service, order taking, voice mail, paging, appointments, call center for both inbound and outbound calls, internet and other communication services to medical, commercial, and governmental customers--80% within New Jersey and the balance throughout the United States and overseas.

Thumbnail Cafe - Quick and Secure Photo Sharing

LARGE-SCALE DATA APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT PROJECT: Thumbnail Cafe - the most efficient, easy-to-use photo-sharing program online (circa 1995-2002). Securely share and organize your photos with ease. Add descriptions, set security and manage who can view your albums. This project has a massive backend database to manage thousands of users. TNC has an administrative backend to handle daily upkeep, management of user and support requests plus a fully customizable user interface.

Fleet Log - Community Sailboat Fleet Management Site

SITE REBRANDING and MARKETING: is a community fleet management website. When you sign up your club, you get a personalized portal where you can manage multiple fleets, boats, captains, crews and schedules. After each race, post the results on the grid. Track your boats progress throughout the year in series regattas.

The DogSmith - Exercise, Discipline and Boding

SITE REBRANDING and MARKETING:The DogSmith is a certified professional canine handler and has worked and trained with master trainers across the country. Currently his shepherd is ten time regionally and five time nationally certified in several areas to include obedience. Serving the Delaware Valley / Greater Philadelphia Region.

The Richmond "Octaves" All-Male A Cappella Group

SITE REBRANDING AND MARKETING: Since 1990 the Octaves have been the only all-male a cappella group at the University of Richmond.  Visit this website and you can get all your Taves info: learn about the group's history, get to know the guys, listen to our music, buy CDs, book us for a performance and a lot more.  Check them out!.


See My TutorSee My tutor

See My Tutor combines the best of education with the internets ability to connect people. Now you have the ability to actually see your tutor face to face. Interact with them and connect. This sophisticated app uses straming video/audio technology to put you right in front of your tutor when you need it most... anytime. Education is the core of a happy life. See My Tutor helps to make it happen with virtual tutoring that improves grades and creates greater confidence.

F.M. Cuonzo Design Studio

ARTIST PRESENTATION: This is an artist site that we put together based on their web design.  If you have a design that you like and want it up on the web, send us your graphic and your specifications and we'll get it up fast.  And because you did the art work yourself, we will cut the cost to highly affordable level.  Ask us about your site needs and we'll speak with you at no cost.

NJ Arts Tix!NJ Arts Tix!

RE-ENVISION SITE FUNCTIONALITY: The website was completely rebuilt with new technology, functionality and a brand new user interface to make the experience for the customer simple efficient and enjoyable. is your connection to purchase discounted tickets 24-48 hours in advance of performances. is a service of the New Jersey Theatre Alliance.

Xylem - Sanitair StillRiverGuitars

Oxidation Ditch Development Tool. This internal application employs a powerful calculation engine that manages thousands of variable imputs from sales reps and allows instantasenous output of calculated and formatted reports. This is a proprietary developemnt and is used across the world in developemnt of Oxidation Ditch calculations and reports.