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Our Services

Data Management Solutions - Database Applications

This is our core service with clients from Fortune 500 corporations to mom-and-pop shops. Data management web applications allow you to track data of any kind and manage it from any website securely. We can set you up to run reports, roll up data, export to Excel, set filters, send automatic email notifications and look at your data in ways you have not thought of before. You can manage sales reps, track sales, and/or manage data of any kind for your business using an integrated web solution. Contact us for a FREE consultation.

Responsive Website Design and Development

DMD began as a Web design solution provider over 9 years ago. Our highly skilled graphic artists will work with you closely, research your industry and produce exciting and innovative sample layouts for you to choose from, tweak, and finalize. We will then take your design and develop and launch your interactive, functional website. It's a strategy that always ends with a happy client

wordpress responsive designs

WordPress Website Themes with Custom Development and Training

Select from thousands of WordPress themes or build a custom theme from scratch, then DMD will build and customize a full CMS tool that you can use to manage the content on your own website without having to go back to the developer for changes. We will train you on the WordPress backend control panel so you are proficient and can manage all your own changes.

Interactive Multimedia Presentations

We have expertise in bringing continuing education into your home or office though use of CD/DVD and Web presentations. Our team will digitally capture A/V at your live presentation, bring it back to the studio, splice it up and turn it into a visually stimulating interactive, multimedia presentation that you can provide to your clients either by web or CDROM/DVD. Ask us about this high quality service. We can walk you through the process and show you samples of our work.

SEO and Web Presence

We specialize in Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. We will help you design a site that not only meets your specific functional requirements but we will also include the necessary pieces that will help you become a presence on the internet. When your clients search for your keywords, your website will come up among the top competitors. When you are seen on page one, people take notice.

Marketing and Print Production

We will design, print and help you to bring your marketing collateral to the web or to the public through mail fulfillment.

Animation, Illustration and Photo Correction

That says it all and we do it all. We have exceptionally skilled experts in their field.

Custom Design of Products, Books, Tools or Packaging

We can design and bring to the market idea that you have. Talk to us about what's involved. We have probably worked on something similar.